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Slide Tray Cabinet J-E3

Product Details

Specification information :

The base use Cold-rolled steel plate SPCC1.2 from Baosteel; the cabinet use Cold-rolled steel plate 0.8; the drawer use Cold-rolled steel plate 0.8 .
The biomedical slide cabinet has 4 independent cabinets, each of them can hold 24 plastic trays and each tray can hold 20 slides. Total capacity is 1,920 slides
Size: H1210 x W450 x D315 mm
Weight: 112kgs
Surface treatment: Defatted oil, Table regulator, Zinc phosphating, passivation, Powder spraying. Slot: The slot is made by special mold. Mark groove: Integration forming.
Slide Tray size: 30 x 19.7cm will fit this cabinet. Slide Tray is not included.

See Price list for more detail !

Jinhua YIDI Medical Appliance CO.,LTD
Zhuma industrial park,jinhua city, zhejiang ,china

Telephone: 86 579 82472777 Fax:86 579 82472470


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